WordPress Theme Detector

Discover The WordPress Theme That Awesome Site is Using

Have you ever been curious about which WordPress theme a website or blog is using? With this WordPress Theme Detector, it's easy to find out! Just enter the URL of the website and get instant results with information about its theme, plugins, hosting provider and more.

Find an Element Common to Many WordPress Themes
Elements like footer text and copyright notices can be very helpful in identifying a WordPress theme. Most themes contain an element of copyright info or some contact information in the footer. You might also see a logo that's included with the theme or a similar pattern repeated throughout the website. Inspecting the source code for these elements can give clues about the theme used.

Look at the Source Code 
Get familiar with coding by investigating the website manually. This can help you identify the structure and elements of the WordPress theme without relying on a third-party tool. To do this, find the "View Source" option in your web browser (usually under View > Developer) and inspect the code. Look for clues like footer text, copyright notices, logos or images that come with the theme, or patterns in the code that could indicate which theme is being used.

Use a WordPress Theme Detector Service
Whether you’re trying to immediately find out which theme a website is using, or if you just want to back up your findings from the manual investigation, using a WordPress Theme Detector service can be an invaluable tool. Services like WPThemeDetector allow you to quickly and easily identify the theme being used on any given page and also provide other useful details such as plugins, hosting services and whether it’s a paid or free theme.

Check the Theme Name in the Admin Dashboard 
There's still a manual way to identify which WordPress theme is being used, and that's to check the 'themes' page in the WordPress admin dashboard. WPThemeDetector can help you quickly find this page too so you don't have to search for it manually. Once you open up the 'themes' page in the dashboard, look for a section labelled "Current Theme" and there should be information detailing what theme you are using, as well as its version number.

Review the Site's Web Hosting Provider
In some cases, it can be helpful to look through the web hosting records to see if you can figure out which WordPress theme is being used. The hosting records will list what type of software the site is running and there may be a list of installed themes and plugins. If the hosting company does not have this information, you may need to contact them to see which WordPress theme the site is using.


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